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18 December 2010 @ 01:19 am
01. Right now we are accepting multiple characters per player. If you can show us that you can 1) accurately write the characters you want and 2) be equally active with both then we won't have a problem with players taking on more characters.

02. Please be active. We need to see you make a journal entry, post a log, or comment in a character's journal at least once a week. If you go more than three weeks without doing one of those three things, you will be up for termination.

03. Do not god mod. This is very important. God modding is taking control of a character that isn't yours from the blatantly obvious like saying Buffy went and got a perm earlier that morning to the tiny details like saying Fred left a book lying on the couch. If the character is not yours, do not say they did or said something unless it was already in a log or the character's player gave you permission to.

04. This community is 18+ to comply with LJ rules. These characters are adults and will be doing adults things like smoking or having sex. (Except for Angel. Poor bb.)

05. Logs will be labeled appropriately with appropriate warnings so that if someone is uncomfortable with a certain thing they will be warned.

Please use this form for all logs and role play entries:

If you'd like for any character to tag in, put your character's name and OPEN so that the other players will know. If an entry says OPEN, feel free to tag in. If an entry says, for example, Characters: Buffy and Dawn and you are not Buffy or Dawn, then do not tag in. Simple.

06. Don't be rude to other players. If a mod hears about a player being rude, it will be addressed to the player involved. If the behavior continues, we reserve the right to kick you out for it.

07. Your character is not all-knowing. If Cordelia and Angel had a private conversation about the meaning of life and told no one, then Buffy shouldn't know that they discussed nirvana. Same for actions. If you would like your character to have seen something that happened then you need to ask if it's alright. For example, if Fred and Willow made out and you think Cordy should have seen it happen, then Cordelia's player needs to ask Fred and Willow's to see if it's alright.

08. Characters' personal journal entries do not go in the community. They stay on personal journals. If you aren't sure if what you're writing should go on the community or stay on the journal, ask a mod.

09. Private messages may be posted to personal journals, but make it clear that they are private. For example, if Cordelia has something to say to Willow she can put PRIVATE TO WILLOW in the subject line and make an entry just for Willow. Emails and texts go on the comm and use the above header.

10. Tag everything. For now, there won't be many tags. As we go, I'll start adding tags for each character, and location. If you need a tag that is not there, please put !tagme in the tag list and one of the mods will get to it ASAP.

11. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, do your best with spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Sentences need commas and periods to make sense. All of these characters are grown adults who should know how to spell and use punctuation.

12. Try and keep a separation between characters and players. If Cordelia goes off on Buffy and calls her a whiny little cry-Buffy then that is between Cordelia and Buffy. It is not between Cordelia and Buffy's players. Keep the game stuff in the game and the OOC stuff out of it.